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Originally Posted by TheBigKahuna View Post
I'd also dump LaRose and his salary to make room for Semin. Right about now those NTCs Rutherford gave Ruutu and Gleason and looking even dumber than I ever thought imaginable.
Then I guess its good we have 1 more amnesty buyout before next season begins, so if we really need to free up some room for Semin, we certainly can. Likely buy out Ruutu in that scenario, and free up $4M per year going forward.

Looking at CapGeek, we're not in that bad a situation as some would like us to believe. Cap drops to $64M next year, but right now, we're $14M under it. Buy out Ruutu and you're looking at $18M in cap freedom going into the offseason, while needing to re-sign Semin, LaRose, Nodl, Brent, Corvo, Sanguinetti, and Ellis (or, likely, finding replacements for them). Now, Corvo will likely be replaced by Murphy, and we'll probably try to re-sign Sangs on the cheap. Nodl and Brent will probably both get slight raises if we don't let them walk, and we might increase Ellis' salary to something like $1M per, assuming he keeps playing lights out behind Cam. Either LaRose walks, or we try to sign him to either the same contract, or maybe a slight paycut. He's not worth $1.7M playing 4th line minutes anymore. Still plenty of room to get Semin under the cap and still have flexibility for the future.

Now, yes, we'll need to worry about re-signing Faulk and possibly McBain next year. Faulk will likely get the bigger of the 2 contracts, but you're probably looking at something like $2-2.5M per year for each, very much like what Subban signed. We're also going to see Jussi's $3M come off the books that same offseason, We're also going to be dealing with Pitkanen's contract as well, but we should be able to fit all 3 back in the fold if thats the direction we want to take. Should still have some room to hit the market if we so desire. Then again, there's also the chance we let someone like McBain walk, or trade him away, to free up some room for what we'll eventually try and get Marc Staal signed for. Either way, we should have the financial means to do so if we so desire.

The thing is, with the guys we would have as our core, the need to bring in any more high dollar forwards is completely satisfied. We could more than afford to round out our lines with a good, cheap, checking 4th line, and the leftovers of our scorers on the 3rd like we have now. We can also put cheap scorers on the first line and still be good. Our only big need would be one true top defender that would solidify a Top 6 on defense. Right now, we're pretty much one guy short of having a very good defense, with everyone playing just about 1 spot higher than they should be.

Once again, this is assuming we want to start spending close to the Cap, which I think is a strong possibility going forward, with the increased revenue sharing, the new ownership group, the players we currently have, and the opportunity we have created for ourselves. Either way, I am more than confident we have the financial means to get Semin under the cap next season, and still have the flexibility to go out and do what we can to still better ourselves.

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