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07-04-2006, 07:57 PM
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Originally Posted by habslife View Post
High taxes, political uncertainty, the language question and English schools... ???

He is right for the first one but for the rest

Political uncertainty: Is it worst having ''dangerous Partie Québécois'' (who never won a referendum and probably never will) than having a President like George Bush???
Thats kinda like saying the Prime Minister will affect a signing somewhere in Canada, but on a more local basis , it might make players think twice.

Language question: You can be served in English almost anywhere in Montreal!
Absolutely, however, most Journalists, maybe not the local fanbase, seem to want a Francophone, or French speaking player, especially the Captain.

English schools: The first time I hear that they have no English schools (private) in Montreal.
I haven't heard this before either, is there some kind of quota where most must attend French only schools? or maybe a lack of English schools?

Those are the weakest reasons I heard for not coming here. They will use those reasons only because they won't admit that they don't have the balls to take the pressure. They can't sit on their contract because fans and media won't let them. The passionate players and the warriors will come here to play because this is where you have to be to play hockey.
I can see pressure being exerted to make a player play to their potential, but when was the last time a player was jumping up and down to come to Montreal, especially a Quebecer? Home town discounts seem to go to those from Ontario who want to play for Toronto, but it doesn't seem to be the rule for Quebec born players.

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