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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
Do you know who GMs would pick? Nope.

I think the first bold statement up there tells us what we need to know about your position vis a vis Kesler/Richards.

As to Luongo, I don't see him being dealt at the deadline. The offseason will cement further which teams want to make changes in goal. Further, it will give us some insight as to what teams relocate, and what teams fall in/out of the conference with VAN. DET for instance, in the east, makes them a player IMO.

LeBrun spoke about the DET philosophy on radio today. He intimates that had DET not had Lidstrom to promote their cheap-goalie philosophy, that they would be more willing to go with a better talent in goal. Along with them, is what CLB now does under Davidson. They have a plethora of futures to deal and could be looking to resolve their goaltending issues. They remain a player as long as Luongo is more apt to waive his NTC just to be a starter "somewhere". (Note: They actually had talks with VAN at the draft about Lu, per Dreger).

I really wonder what McPhee and WSH are going to do. Does he risk his job on Holtby's back? I dunno. This team remains the most interesting development in this saga.

TOR is there, but I don't think they deal anything young. As soon as they deal Kessel, whenever that comes (they can't let him just walk to FA), will signal the official rebuild.

Then there's the ever present Panthers. Where Lu clearly wants to go. Let's see how they go for the rest of the year.

Not for nothing, but this added wrinkle (if you can call the Lu situation that) has many VAN fans watching other teams with renewed interest. It's made hockey outside VAN more interesting for sure, at least for this fan (not that it wasn't already).

No, I do not know who GM's would pick, that however was brought up by a Nucks fan who said most GM's would pick Kesler hands down. Secodnly I guess you missed the part where in I said I was not a Richards fan either, yet you claim I have a bias, lol.

As for Loungo, you are right I don't think he moves until the off-season. He is playing to well to move right now period.It won't be lelieved but I hope Nucks fans get closer to what they are hoping for then. But If it becomes a cap issue which it could, you guys might, not I said might be disappointed in the return, time will tell.

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