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Originally Posted by Slats432 View Post
I don't expect anyone posting here plays in the NCAA. As far as I know all rec leagues in Canada follow Hockey Canada rules unless otherwise stated, meaning glove pass is illegal.

(Although oddly, one league I had for a couple years allowed the glove pass from D zone to neutral zone, until enough people told the league that it was ridiculous.)
I didn't expect any NCAAers, but I've seen a few ACHAers in other areas. Anyway, I was just stating that more for discussion.

I hate all the leagues trying different rules, just to be different. Dumb to me.

Originally Posted by newfr4u View Post
i really wish refs and captains would take the time to explain that diving at opponents feet in order to swat the puck away is a dangerous play. unfortunately, players think it means they are trying hard. i think they should just call it tripping if there's no play on the puck.
In USA Hockey it is tripping if you play the puck or not, due to it being a dangerous play.

"...but he got the puck!" is probably the most common coach complaint to a penalty. My reply: "You are correct, he did!".

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