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02-07-2013, 08:27 AM
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Seattle taking the lead for Yotes?

Yesterday, David Stern, NBA commish, confirmed that a group from Seattle filed the forms to buy the Sacramento Kings and to relocate them to Seattle. The Kings would play in Key Arena for 2-3 years and then they will use the new amphitheater which is planned to be built by 2015.

If this relocation is confirmed by the BOG of the NBA in March, this could mean that the Yotes aren't heading to Québec City next season.

Seattle represent a much better argument for the NHL when times comes for TV rights (bigger AMERICAN market).

The Yotes would be cheap to buy (170 millions) and since hockey is NOT the priority in Seattle the money asked for an expansion (roughly 300 millions) could be dissuasive for any investor who would like the develop Seattle market. The Yotes are already a playoff contender and their success could help for the development of Seattle as a hockey market. Never forget that after MLB, NFL, NBA and NCAA, NHL would come far in the level of interest. A winning team could attract more attention than an expansion team that will spend the first 4 to 5 year at the bottom of the standings.

Since Seattle is getting it's NBA team that would mean a confirmation for the new arena. This confirmation could be the sign that the NHL was waiting for to move the Yotes.

Moving the Yotes from a big american market to another big american market would be good for NHL's image and credibility.

That would mean a new team for Québec City around 2015 if, and only if, the rumors of expansion are true. Money from an expansion would be spent with almost no question asked by PKP since he is in desperate need of a team to support his aspirations in Québec's sport market (TVA Sports). Plus, since we are craving to have a team here in Québec City we would support any kind of team even if this one would stay at the bottom of the league.

Yotes to Seattle = more money for NHL and less risk for the development of this new and big american hockey market. If Seattle gets the Sacramento Kings, I think this will mean relocation for the Yotes.

What do you think?

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