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02-07-2013, 08:34 AM
Chapin Landvogt
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If the Caps were to find themselves in a position where they were to determine that Ovi no longer could be THE player they needed him to be and were paying for him to be, and would feel his departure were for the betterment of the franchise based solely on freeing itself of that contract - which may become a possible situation - then an Islander team heading towards Brooklyn and in an area with a fair amount of 'Russian' influence (I believe there are Russian communities in NYC and on Long Island [see Apple Core]) might be a destination that even Wang could envision bringing Ovi into.

There is no 'need' to do so for the Isles in light of not only their system, but also other big UFAs-to-be in the next few years. They can surely become a winner without adding a player of Ovechkin's quality.

But if Washington is motivated chiefly by the motives above more than anything else, and if Ovechkin is showing himself to solely be a 35-30-65 point type player there at this point, then I'm not sure who else in the league has the cap space AND could to top the very realistic offer below:
- Okposo
- Grabner
- their choice of de Haan or Donovan

That would be two players to immediately place in the line-up and who (together) would replace Ovechkin's production plus one defenseman well on his way to being a regular NHLer (de Haan questionable healthwise, but the more well-rounded and promising of the above-mentioned Dmen).

If this wouldn't get it done for the Isles, then Wang would have to walk away.

Simply can't be helping a conference rival be freed of such a contract and give them the farm in the process for a guy who, despite his first 5 years in the league, is showing little inclination of being anything more than 65-75 point player from here on out, with a currently downward trend.

There would be good reason to believe that he and Tavares could benefit each other and that their 'power' would allow a guy like Moulson to just concentrate on that which he does best.

This is about the only way I'd see an Ovechkin deal taking place between WAS and NYI.

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