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02-07-2013, 09:35 AM
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Would love to see someone offersheet Ryan. I actually think that's what both sides are hoping for. The Avs get to sign Ryan to a pricier long term deal, 4-4.5 per for 5ish, without the other youngsters being able to point to this negotiation in the future since the team was forced into the better. Ryan gets the money and commitment he wants.

Unfortunately I think the chances of him actually getting offersheeted are non-existent, but it would still be the ideal resolution.

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Yeah but don't they have an internal salary cap? Have to think that's played a role in these negotiations, especially with Stastny at 6.6 (?) Cap hit.
Nope. The only problem is Ryan's worried that if he took a bridge deal to he wouldn't get the chance to put up numbers for a big next contract now that Dutchy's healthy and Staz is no longer suffering from his 2011 curse. That and the ******** over the negotiations, but that's not a major long term issue, even with someone as proud as Factor.

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