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02-07-2013, 09:37 AM
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Originally Posted by gg4167 View Post
This is a really good, though-provoking post.

As far as Bergy and Seguin not clicking to this point in the season, I think we have seen them work well together in the past, and they have created some opportunities for each other this year, but they just haven't been able to finish. I always thought Bergy and Seguin were a good match for each other because they could think the game at the same level, and I think we saw some of that last year. So, I'm not sure that it's really the two of them together that's the issue, but I do lend some credence to your point about Bergy and perhaps that line, thinking too defensively when they are on the ice.

He is such a great player that he can have his cake and eat it too, as you said, but at a certain point, it seems counterproductive to have your best offensive player (Seguin) and arguably your best offensive line, also be your best shutdown line. If they are matching up against the other team's best, then they are going to be thinking a bit more conservatively to begin with, based on what Claude preaches about team defense. There is no question that it has to take away from Bergy's offensive game a bit.

To make an analogy, it's kind of like a catcher that is great at handling the staff in baseball. Just like Varitek used to, they have to put so much time into their pitchers, that sometimes their own offensive game can suffer.

I don't have a problem with Bergy filling that role on this team, as he is the best in the league at it, and it's an important role to be filled, but should Seguin be tied to his hip, considering you probably want him thinking a bit more offensively?

At one time, I think it served its purpose to have Seguin on that line so that Bergy could "babysit" him as it were, and try to cover up for his defensive deficiencies, but I think Seguin has progressed to the point where you can trust him on a more offensive-minded line. And I think the Bruins need that kind of line to help carry them, especially in games against tough opponents and elite goaltenders. Goals in those games are tough to come by, and sometimes you just need your best skill players to make a play for you.
Agree, playing against the other top line has dampened his, and the entire lines' output offensively. I also agree that having Seguin on his line was to mentor him. Is the line change a permanent thing? I don't think so. The team needed something to change to throw the rags something they weren't prepared for.........and it worked. I fully expect the lines to be back to "normal" for the next game. I'm sure CJ will make any adjustments needed.

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