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02-07-2013, 08:37 AM
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Originally Posted by RainingRats View Post

Clemmer is a good backup. People here put him unfairly under the microscope every single game and overrate his mistakes and rarely give him credit and when the do give him credit they go out of there way to say they're giving him credit (AG I'm looking at you.) You freaked out and want Markstrom up here. That's not a reasonable reaction and certainly not worthy of Clemmer losing his job. I stand behind the assertion, goaltending is not an issue.
I'm right here looking back at ya!!

I like to admit when I'm wrong so I come on here when he plays well and make a point of it. Problem?

Ill reiterate my well known stance:

Clemmer is a mediocre at best goalie who for that reason is a career backup. He puts up some serviceable games like the last one, where he makes some nice saves and gives up questionable goals, like the one even his head coach questions him.

In an 80 game season with few back to backs a clemmer as a cheap backup is not a detriment to a good team.

In a 48 game season to a bubble team where every goal counts mediocrity between the pipes will cost us and its even more difficult to digest as a potential star between the pipes sits at the ready deep in the heart of Texas.

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