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02-07-2013, 08:43 AM
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Originally Posted by MrCryceratops View Post
Sabres fan, here. I know this has been discussed in this thread, but i just want to recap:

Seems that Fasth is looking much better than Hiller, so far this season. Ducks fans seem to think that he has more skill and looks to be the real deal, but he hasn't yet stolen the starting position from Hiller? I have hiller in my fantasy league and was absolutely shocked when Hiller lost out on starts. I didn't even get my minimum goaltender quota because Fasth seems to be upstaging hiller, whose numbers are atrocious right now.

At this point, is Fasth a smart gamble to take in a fantasy league? At least in tandum with Hiller, maybe?
He have played 4 games and is looking only better in the every next game. I think he`ll stop putting as good numbers up at some point, but for now he looks promising. He have been very solid.

Hillsy usually starts slow but the comes up big at the second half. I guess just needs playing time, but he will have a hard time getting it with Fasth playing like that.

As for now, i think: Fasth > Hiller
But it`s hard to say for how long it will be.

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