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Originally Posted by Tobias View Post
It certainly is. But it's probably also part of the reason why we don't have any high scoring players yet. But I'd rather have a team full of all round players still capable of scoring, than full on offensive players.
Agree - what good is goalscoring if your have a team holed as a swiss cheese in defence - we lack so much defensive depth anyways so no reason to make it worse.
Actually with so many good 3'rd liners, Denmark could have (or have already) a solid reputation, that makes drafting for NHL clubs less risky. If a danish player doesn't make it as a top6, you still have a good teamplaying 3'rd liner.

Anyways maybe only Mikkel Bødker and Nicklas Jensen have the talent to be possible offensive mass-goalscorers and they are certainly not there yet (only the possibility).

Maybe eastern european players are more the top6 or bust type.....
Maybe it's not only the swedish hockeysystem, but also the danish psychology that cause us to be more teamplayers than "egoistic" goalscorers totally lazy in defence (Mariusz Czerkawski style).
So danish players don't get enough goalgetting practice...we see it with our constant lookout for a new Preben Elkjær for the football national team; but we produce one good defender after the other.
But every culture have strengths and weaknesses, we just have to be happy for the strength we have instead of focusing to much on weaknesses.

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