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Originally Posted by Longshot View Post
The love for Getzlaff on this board fascinates me, especially the talk about giving him a max contract.

Last year in 82 games he had 11 goals (11! Half as many as Grabovski, who has the worst contract in history according to some) and 57 points. He hasn't had a 20 goal season since 2008/09 (he had some injuries in two of those seasons, playing just 66 and 67 games).

He is definitely a high risk player. The Leafs either have to give up significant assets to get him in a trade, or significant cap space to sign him as a free agent.

I can just imagine some of the comments and threads on this board if he has an 11 goal season if a Leafs uniform with a massive, maximum value contract.

With all that said, if he becomes a free agent they have to do everything they can to sign him.

To me, he's the very much a - YEAH! but... - player. They absolutely have to try and get him if he's available, but, he could be a diminishing asset - even at a young age.
How did he do the 4/5 seasons prior to that? He was a ~PPG player. We can't start judging players based on 1 or 2 seasons, we have to see the whole body of work. This season Getzlaf is looking great again. All their stars had down year last year, doesn't mean they're crap. If you're really gonna be critical about points..Getzlaf at his worst is what Grabovski is at his best.

Even when we're talking about style, Getzlaf isn't comparable to Grabovski. Getzlaf is a playmaking center, an attribute Grabovski sorely lacks. The whole fascination is based on the fact that we need a big ~PPG playmaking center for Kessel, and Getzlaf bring all those to the table. I'm fine with him scoring 11 goals if he has 60 assists to go along with it.

I'm fine with tanking and drafting our own #1C by the way But if we were to retain Kessel and keep building on what we have, Getzlaf seems like the best option to me.

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