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Originally Posted by overlords View Post

And now you can bring up the Scott fight. The argument is that there will be far more evidence supporting the stance ECWHSWI and I share than yours.

I never said it was an absolute. Of course an emotional swing can help your team. My argument is that it doesn't happen often enough and that even when it does, the magnitude of that boost isn't enough to qualify giving away a roster spot to someone who may or may (probably) not be on the ice at the precise time he's needed to punch somebody in the nose. Some teams that are stacked may be able to afford that luxury, the habs are not quite that stacked yet.

And I agree that you generally have to answer for decking a star player. Look at Bourque after he elbowed Backstrom, I think? He had to fight Hendricks and nearly knocked his head off. I just see it as having a negligible impact either way.
not a valide point. Dirty or clean, injuries happen

Anaheim and Boston Stanley Cup champion. That's a valid point...
Scott vs Boston
Boston vs Vancouver
Ottawa vs Flyers 2006
players opinions...

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