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Originally Posted by Fire Lindy View Post
If we were to offer sheet O'Reilly, what would we be giving up if he signed with us? A 1st,2nd, and 3rd? Would that be in the upcoming draft? For Colorado not to match we would likely have to overpay for him, and do we really want to give up our 1st round pick in a strong draft year when we are looking like contenders to pick top 5? I love O'Reilly but for Colorado not to match an offer sheet I imagine it'd have to be a ridiculous deal we'd be offering.

If the picks don't have to be for the upcoming draft..then I'd be interested.
The picks do have to be for the draft subsequent to offer sheet. Here's the compensation, and remember the AAV for draft-pick compensation purposes is calculated by dividing the total money by 5:

Here are the draft pick compensation figures for the 2012-13 season:

$1,110,249 or below No Compensation

Over $1,110,249 to $1,682,194 3rd round pick

Over $1,682,194 to $3,364,391 2nd round pick

Over $3,364,391 to $5,046,585 1st round pick, 3rd

Over $5,046,585 to $6,728,781 1st round pick, 2nd, 3rd

Over $6,728,781 To $8,410,976 Two 1st Round Picks, 2nd, 3rd

Over $8,410,976 Four 1st Round Picks
I'd be aiming for that bolded line. My goal would be to only give up one 1st (and a 2nd + 3rd), if possible, and maximize the amount of money in that range to make it as difficult as possible on Colorado. Thus, I'd offer O'Reilly 6yrs/$33.625m.

On our cap, that'd be a manageable $5.6m cap hit. For purposes of draft pick compensation, that'd be $6.725m, so just under the ceiling for a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and not quite in that two 1sts range.

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