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Originally Posted by glovesave_35 View Post
I don't even know what this means, "outside of his shot." He's a winger who scores goals, fewer goals last season than only three other players. When you're that type of player the only elite thing you need to have is your shot - he has that. I don't care if he was playing with Gretzky, he scored a lot of goals last year and a good deal of them were pretty ****ing nice. He's not a superstar but he is a star player in this league to some degree and he's clearly better than your run of the mill 1st line winger.
Exactly, Neal is aptly living up to his nickname "The real deal." He's become an all-star and "elite" or not, a bonafide first-line winger in the league on a pretty decent hockey club. He had one slump as a young player on a mediocre hockey club and the Stars gave up on him without even seeing what the market could garner for him. The whole rest of the league knew that wasn't a third pairing defenceman who was already on the north side of age 25.

I don't buy the rookie general manager thing. There's 30 men fortunate enough to have those positions in the NHL and hundreds elsewhere in hockey vying for that chance. If you get one of those 30 jobs, you should be qualified going into it to face the big boys.

As for the Lehtonen deal, yeah, it was a good one. I daresay, however, with how specialized goaltending has become right through the ranks of hockey, it's harder to find a natural scorer now than it is to find a goaltender capable of starting games at that level.

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