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02-07-2013, 09:45 AM
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Judging by Halls faceoff performance he might be a natural dot man, we can expect this type of surprise from all of our young core guys as they are so talented, even they dont know where they will excell yet, we need to go with the flow, if the sucker is winning draws keep him on the dot, you cant take shots without the puck.

I wish MPS was a faceoff man because his game has taken bigger steps this year than any of the other core guys, MPS has matured faster than his peers, even though our hardheaded coach has not aknowledged this fact and has shown reluctance to reward the hard work and committment, MPS has had extra challenges purposefully put in front of him, un-needed regressive challenges that make no sense.

Taylor has looked great this year, if his line sat down with Gagner for an afternoon and just talked then all of Halls excellent zone entrys and passes might be paying off, we are now in the evolutionary position where we are finding that we have more skill and talent than puck time and we are FAILING to properly manage this dynamic from a coaching perspective, this is intuative dynamic managment and I am afraid we have a very pragmatic coach who doesnt believe in intuition. We need to let the pieces fall where they best fit with this depth of talent and skill, instead we are trying to force the issue and it is killing us out on the ice, we need system continuity immediatly. We need to manage our possesion time on an entirely new and higher level, this is not a player performance issue this is a managment issue.

Hall has shown a new look on the wing this year, last night he went back to the old get crushed trying to do it all yourself game and almost got creamed again, we need to address this because the way hall was playing up till last night when he tried that suicide rush was exactly what we needed, we dont need him to play a one dimensional role unless we are doing this as part of a much bigger tactical picture, and right now there is no tactical picture, we have hit a wall.

Taylor needs to be a force on the wing, and unless we ask him to catalyse the 1st line he needs to allow Nuge to run the dynaimc attack for the line. The coaches are supposed to be executing this dynamic personall managment, and I am not seeing it happen properly. If taylor wants to hold the puck and gain the zone and pass then we need to ask his linemates to fulfill very specific system roles, maybe they cant do that, the sucess the line has shown in the past was in large part due to Hall threatening the wing and opening up the ice for Nuge and Ebbs to work off of that one killer dynamic, if Taylor wants to use his skillset fully to enter the o-zone instead of just his speed he still needs to let Nuge catalyse how the offense develops, he is taking the lead naturally, and his coach is supposed to sense this and ask him to execute differently.

Obviously our 1st line can dominate at the NHL level under certain dynamic conditions and they falter under other dynamics, so why is it so hard for the coaches to see what works and what doesnt--- well it actually isnt hard at all as they see what we see, this is an issue of being stubborn and refusing to deviate from a strict system philosophy, this is really an issue with an INFLEXIBLE system, and a coach who is comitted to a system he has had sucess with in the past with vastly undertalented rosters, Ralph doesnt even understand the options he has, his system has some excellent points and he has shown an excellent ability to adjust his teams on ice performance during games, he has however shown a big weakness in identifying and addressing real-time dynamics onice and adjusting to them accurately--this is the stubborn part that is hurting us as we DONT have to be so system stricken, we have the talent and skill to work within the system in more creative ways than Ralph is used to seeing. We just need to loosen the grip of the system rules a little and ralphs System will work, but if we try to be exact with Ralphs system as we are seeing it we will continue to spiral downwards.

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