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Originally Posted by Darth Yoda View Post
I'd just like to say that the Olympics for many years pre-NHL participation was a lesser quality tournament than the World Championships becouse the WC had some pros participating since the seventies. I've in a long time not been able to understand why the Olympics 1976-1994 are seen as more important than the WC. Worst of all obviously Lillehammer where not even the best russians and czechs were present, that tournament was a joke.

Lets not act like the Olympics were played by a bunch of no-bodies or had a lack of talent. I hate to dismiss the Olympics because for its such a long tradition of great athletes and we underrate them because their not getting paid or are not in the NHL. A lot of these Olympics Hockey Players back in the day were on their way to a pro career and NHL success, and the best part was their 3/4 years of hard and nonstop training leading to each Olympics.

Lets not underrate or dismiss the domination of Soviet Hockey success. Remember, many occasions where the non-NHL players of the Soviet League and National team beat the almighty NHL teams, NHL all star teams and WHA all star teams. 1972 was only the entrance to almost two decades of hockey excellence and in their first show they almost won the series among NHL's best. The series still kind of weirds me out because though ill respect Canada's victories and overall win of the series, they played very unethically. Watching parts of the game, researchin the series and seeing many highlights and films on the event the Canadians got away with a lot. Bobby Clarke broke the ankle of Soviets top player is a prime example. You can Soviet players were chippy as well but I believe they just played hard hockey. Anyway to Digress...

Olympic hockey and international hockey for the most part between 1960-1990 should not be looked down at. It was great hockey, truly awesome history and many great players participated.

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