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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
Bouillon is a gritty iron-man (really has to be injured to miss action).
Rarely makes mistakes.
Good on the PP (never knew this!)...I guess I don't remember seeing him on the PP when he was a Hab (I just remember him on the PK).
Playoff warrior...solid in playoffs.

Height? He's got a lot of heart!
(Bouille in person is approx. 5'9, maybe 5'10).
Those bolded points... could only come from a super fan, which is cool I guess. This is a Bouillon fan-inspired thread, after all. But let's look at your points in order.

- A defenseman who is 37, has 12 NHL seasons under his belt, and yet has only played 70+ games 4 times in his career ON TOP of not being a 20+ min/night defenseman is NOT an "iron man". Sorry.
- Without getting into your definitions of "rarely" and "mistakes", suffice to say I find he does make mistakes - some of which I find "unexpected" from a guy with his experience; including, but not limited to, situations he's sometimes faced with because he's simply unable to control the front of his own net, and not blessed with much in the way of puck skills for dealing with pressure.
- "Good on the PP"? That's... um... generous.
- I don't know how "solid" I consider him in the playoffs. He has been about as unproductive as you can be, and almost always sees his icetime reduced come playoff time. He has 41 career post season games, and we saw the 11 game, 0 point, -6 sample that represents more than 1/4 of his playoff resume.

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