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02-07-2013, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by hokijanari View Post
Why should this be closed?? People obviously are not 100% satisfied with coach Yeo and they must be able to discuss what he's doing wrong. Besides, this is not some sort of yes/no debate. People are making good points and actually only those who think Yeo shouldn't be fired, come up with these oneliners and don't have anything to back up their opinion. If someone's saying Yeo shouldn't be fired, he should also explain why they think Yeo is the way to go. And if someone does that, okay, I'm fine with that, that's your opinion and you had some arguments also. That's how discussions work. People have different opinions and they try to explain why their opinion is the "correct" one.
Because 9 games is way too small of a sample size to base a firing off of.

Firing 2 coaches after they each only got 2 years sets a bad precedent for the list of applicants.

If we did fire Yeo, would you actually trust Fletcher to hire the next one, or would you expect him to step down?

Because there isn't anybody out there, right now, that would make it worth it. If you want to say that we should've hired Hitchcock 4 years ago, I will not debate that, but I don't hold that against the current coach.

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