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Originally Posted by hockeymass View Post
Racking up PIMs isn't really a show of attitude so much as being a jerk. It's not the NHL. In my experience beer league refs usually let the little stuff go and only blow the whistle for flagrant stuff like hard slashes and blatant trips. Everyone's trying to have fun, no need to muscle anyone around to intimidate.
Just being devil's advocate here, but to some that is fun. I'm not saying to go out and hurt people, but if you have a need to get into the other team's head in order to change the flow of the game, you've got to do what you've got to do (within the rules, of course). If anyone gets rough, get rough back and don't be a dick.

My teammates get into little scuffles with guys about every other game in one of the leagues we're in. I never involve myself w/that. That's the mindset of people there, though. The other league, we jaw but rarely get into shoving matches. Any physicality is during plays and that's all. Only once did I ever do anything I personally felt was not "right", and that was a perfectly clean shoulder check right into a guy's sternum. Dropped him like a ton of bricks. He was slashing me in his zone, I told him to F off, he taunted me to come and do something about it. We were up a few goals and were more skilled than they were so in the next play he opened himself up and I pulled a rare move and just steamrolled him. It's a non-check league but is contact-heavy. We were cool after that, I made sure to shake his hand before the line even formed and ensure everything was cool. That's my thing.

Like I said before, I'm a big & strong dude though very reserved. I'm skilled and fast enough that I can hang w/the top dogs, but if we get ourselves into a rut and need to change some momentum, anyone who bodies or shoves me is getting a big surprise. When that happens, most people are likely to play differently because they don't know if you're going to clobber them, cheap shot them (I would never, honestly), or smash them through the boards. When you shove a guy with one arm while protecting the puck and he goes flying, or when their "big guy" shoves you off balance a bit and then you throw him one that looks like you hit him going full speed, that gets into their heads and they'll leave you alone more often than not.

Being rough has its place, but IMO in beer leagues it can't be abused lest you come off like a total dick who has no other option. Sometimes though, if they think you're a nut they're going to be thinking about what crazy **** you might do the whole time rather than simply playing.

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