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02-07-2013, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by hobarth View Post
I think that Kadri was held back too long so instead of moving forward in the NHL he's just starting to learn and considering the amount of negativity he endured from Leaf management it's a wonder he's not completely screwed up.

Like all talented players he also likes to coast on his talent but he sure seems determined to contribute to every part of games, like blocking shots.

When his position on the team becomes firmer in spite of his miscues, I think the anti-Kadri contingent will be able to relax and enjoy Kadri positively contributing to the outcome of the games and realizing how genuine he is.
I disagree.

I have always believed this franchise rushed their young players in way to early and for the wrong reasons.:

I love how they have and are handling their youth now.

It actually looks like we are taking a page from Dets play book and i applaud that 100%.

It's about EFFEN TIME MLSE!!!

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