Thread: Dreger: Leafs listening on Kessel?
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02-07-2013, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by dannyboy8920 View Post
Kassian is a very good starting point.

Any leaf fan who says Kassian + Schneider + for Kessel isn't atleast worth the look is crazy.

I still think Schneider will be the guy in Vancouver.

Lu + Kassian + 1st
Kessel + Bozak


Leafs fans need to realize that this deal would entice some upcoming FAs. If we stay our course, with no direction; why would anyone want to be apart of this fiasco.
why would the leafs move bozak? we are short enough centers as is. also, if nonis is moving kessel it means he is going into rebuild mode meaning the leafs will have even less use for loungo.

i dont see kessel getting moved to vancouver, i especially dont see him getting moved for loungo and/ or kassian. i cant see nonis moving his best chip for another winger. the point of moving kessel is that people claim you cant build a team around him. if you cant build a team around kessel you sure as **** cant build one around kassian

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