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02-07-2013, 10:37 AM
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So he let his impulses and emotions get the better of himself in a single tweet. Holy get-the-****-over-it. I mean seriously, this guy bled blue to the bone for us every game for 3 years, gave us his everything, sacrificed himself countless times, and a single in the moment emotional tweet undoes all of that? Talk about over reaction.

And in the article he says there were several teams that wanted him for around the same money but he chose Montreal for x y and z. He didn't say that's why he didn't stay with the rangers, but instead seemed to be why he chose montreal over other teams seeking his services.

And I also find it to be completely unfair to label all of his comments as ********. If it's one thing he proved to us here time and time and time again is that he is a man of character and integrity. I see no reason whatsoever to question that now.

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