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02-07-2013, 10:50 AM
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LaRose gets a lot of undue hate on this board.

As was posted earlier in this topic, LaRose has scored only 5 less goals than Ruutu over the past 3 seasons and I can guarantee, his goals have been of much more significance (in terms of the effect on the game at the time the goal is scored) than Ruutu's.

So if LaRose is overpaid at 1.7 cap (1.9 salary) for scoring 5 less goals than Ruutu (who's known more as a goalscorer than LaRose is in the first place), then what is Ruutu at 4.75 cap (5 salary)?

Even the "physical presence" that Ruutu supposedly brings, his hit totals have been in line with LaRose with the exception of 1 year. And just from watching the two play, LaRose has a much better forechecking presence than Ruutu. Ruutu's more likely to knock a player over, but in terms of actually getting the puck on the forecheck, LaRose seems to be more successful.

That's not to say that the team couldn't stand to cut a little off LaRose's contract, especially if the plan is to keep him on the 4th line for the foreseeable future. But as far as getting rid of him altogether? I don't see why that has to happen. All teams need those role players, and given this organization's attraction to loyalty (for better or for worse), I don't see LaRose going anywhere.

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