Thread: Dreger: Leafs listening on Kessel?
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02-07-2013, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by kihei View Post
I would characterize it the same way. And I think that's Corey is a nice centrepiece. While I am obviously on record as vociferously not wanting any part of Luongo, Schneider is a completely different kettle of fish, a young, highly talented goalie who could mature along with a young team. Along with Kassian/Jensen and a first/second round pick, that would be the deal I'd hope the Leafs would take if it were offered (I might try to keep the first in play by adding a Leaf prospect to the pot).

I think other teams are capable of beating that offer, but they would have to give up an elite forward prospect, preferably but not necessarily a centre (someone likely to eventually play on one of the first two lines), and a first round draft choice to do so. Kessel's not only a gifted sniper, he is still a gifted young sniper at 25. A potentially "big" piece needs to be coming back.
That's fine, I am just giving what I think to be the Canucks' best possible offer that doesn't give up significant roster pieces. We unfortunately have no elite forward prospects, but I'm sure other teams that have a surplus may be willing to part with them for established talent.

Originally Posted by Crustacean View Post
I don't know if the Leafs would do this even with the 1st in the deal.

Schneider hasn't shown much in the NHL, outside of a handful of great performances, and appears to have lost his starting gig to Lu already this year.

Kassian doesn't project to be a top line talent... debatable if he will ever hit the top 6. I like him as a complementary player though.

Late 1st round pick...

I don't think I do this trade from a TOR point of view... especially if you want that 1st to turn into a 2nd.
Originally Posted by schism View Post
Kessel is not worth Schneider and Kassian... if that's what Toronto wants, Van says no and moves on.
I guess there's always two opinions on trade proposals

I would say (and I'm trying to be objective) that Kassian is a second line guy that has a little chance to be better if he can work on his consistency issues. Schneider is a strong technical goalie that is very cool-headed and seems to be #1 goalie caliber if not for Luongo playing exceptional so far.

Originally Posted by dannyboy8920 View Post
Kassian is a very good starting point.

Any leaf fan who says Kassian + Schneider + for Kessel isn't atleast worth the look is crazy.

I still think Schneider will be the guy in Vancouver.

Lu + Kassian + 1st
Kessel + Bozak


Leafs fans need to realize that this deal would entice some upcoming FAs. If we stay our course, with no direction; why would anyone want to be apart of this fiasco.
That deal is very tempting, although I would prefer someone else over Bozak seeing as though we ok centre depth when Kesler is healthy (his faceoff % would help a ton though) but I feel that we won't be able to keep him past this year with Burrows' and Edler's contracts going up.

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