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02-07-2013, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by MartyOwns View Post
think im going to just say ‘agree to disagree’ at this point. we’re both reiterating the same points over and over across multiple threads. I cant wait for kovy to get like 2 points in a game so I can see your sarcastic ‘ohh noooes we need to move him naaaooooooo lullllz’ posts. and I want to clear up something personal you’ve brought up multiple times now. im not a pessimist. I don’t walk around with a dark cloud over my head. I don’t hear voices telling me to do things, unholy things. im a realist, with flights of ridiculous OPTIMISM, believe it or not.

allow me to summarize my position in a different way, you can feel free to counter, and then lets just move on or continue in PM’s, as this has to be annoying to others by now.

if every other player hadn’t gotten moved over the course of these weeks, I wouldn’t have even brought it up. when only ONE player, our BEST offensive player DOESN’T get moved (back to his ORIGINAL position, no less) I have a problem. according to you, we’re having some sort of fairy tale season- we’re playing amazing, we should all be pooping rainbows. but even with this happy go lucky season, we’ve moved almost every other player. different lines, different positions, you name it. kovy? still a 1st line RW. maybe teams are having an easier time shutting him down on the RW? whatever the reason (and I don’t pretend to know it) its not working. I understood it when parise was here. let’s keep our d-bag, pretty boy UFA happy on LW. he bolted, yet kovy remains.

and again- you seem content until we start to slump. THEN you want to make changes- when the pressure is highest and we’ve lost maybe another 2-3 weeks of the season. may I ask what is so wrong about putting kovy at LW for one game? one period? why has this never been even considered? kovys here to score goals. lets put him in the best position to do so.

anyway, seriously- you can stop insinuating im on the verge of a mental collapse over this. im happy about most everything else on this team. we’re “winning” we’re (due to OT/SO losses) in a good standings position. im ok with all of that. I just think its time to unleash the guy we paid 100MM for.

And to answer your question, I don't think its unreasonable to expect a goal per game (or 2 points per game) from your top line.

the end
So the player that finished 5th overall in pts last year, playing on the right side might I add, should be moved to the left side for what reason? I've yet to get a solid reason from you and no, being in a 9 game slump isn't a valid reason IMO. Did Calgary move Iginla to center or the left wing cause he didn't score a goal before last monday?

Coaches have wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy more patience then fans and if Pete thinks he's more suited to play on the right side, when talking about his OVERALL game, then that's fine by me. There's more to the game of hockey then just scoring goals but we, the fans, tend to look at stat sheets like it's a true indication of what a player is doing on the ice, wich is completely absurd, unless your talking about your fantasy team.

Anyways, like I said, we're one point off the division lead and that's all I care about. Kovalchuk can finish the season with 5 goals and if we end up in the post season, I won't even give a **** cause I like the team, not a individual.

If we were playing like the Capitals, they look like we did when we hired MacLean, I'd be plenty worried but that isn't the case

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