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02-07-2013, 11:05 AM
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I'm giving Yeo, at minimum, the rest of this wonky and weird year. No threats to his position or anything at all. He should feel as if he has the trust and faith of this organization. With that, I would watch very closely how he does and how the team grows and develops.

It is in there that I would expect results. They have to grow and develop this year, and noticably. If they do not, then I would start to question Yeo's ability.

We have had too much turnover, compiled with a total lack of training time to expect to be in the position Chicago or the Blues are in now.

Do some people here realize that this team has had less than 10 practices together since the end of last year?

If any of you have played sports, you would know that the most important part, is the practice. It's not the most fun, but successful teams need to work on their shortcomings in order to grow and reach their potential.

No freakin team is going to do well if you just throw a bunch of players on the ice and say "go win." Sadly, this is the expectation some people seem to have, and it is honestly absurd.

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