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02-07-2013, 11:20 AM
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Some good comments on here. All of this stuff is helpful to me.

1) Hockey Quotes -- Yeah, those are not the best, but what the heck, I had just happened to see Goon the night before. It was stuck in my head.

2) Playing down a division is not an option. We are at the bottom! The problem is, our league manager pretty well sucks. He does not force teams to rank up unless it is over the top obvious, so there are really C level teams in our D level league. Most of these teams have played together for years. My team came straight out of an adult learn to play clinic. Some decent players and a lot of noobs, myself amongst them.

3) Perhaps my thread title was misleading. Not so much "how much can I get away with" but more of a "where is the line between hard play and ahole" would have been better. I have a better understanding of that now I think. I played a scrimmage last night with another club and definitely worked the push and stick tie up a lot more. Got a lot of elbows in the back and a lot of grinding in return, but I just considered that part of the game. Everything stayed between the whistles though and it seems to me if nobody has issues outside of that, then you are just playing hard hockey.

4) Getting bitter after a goal is expected. Running your mouth or getting chippy after a goal just seems classless to me. You got beat, reset and figure out how to win the next one. Now, if someone beats me and wants to run their mouth about it, especially if we are down a lot, they are taking their chances. Everyone has their limits. Have not run into that though.

5) For the record, I have 0 PIM on the year. I have drawn a few calls and quite frankly if I can frustrate a guy(legally) into drawing a call, then I have helped my team. Some guys seem to really take offense at getting tied up, I consider that to be their problem, not mine. No?

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