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02-07-2013, 12:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
To be clear for my part:

1) I am very disappoint in Fleury's play at the end of last year, but willing to condede the possibility that he's not the type of goalie who can take 65 starts a season and do well... that he might be more consistent if he plays only 50 games or slightly more a year. Thus happy Vokoun is here and hope that he might prove the case that Flower just needs more rest every season to be at his best come playoff time.

2) I am under no delusions whatever that Fleury is an "elite" goalie (he's not close to being one, for any fan who understands the stats). I don't expect that from him and I don't fault him for it when he doesn't deliver it. He made some huge saves in our Cup run and he's a very likable guy so I give him his propers there and hope he wins another one for us with some clutch saves. I like Flower, period. But he's not an elite goalie, regardless of where he was drafted. Nor should he be untouchable in the trade deadline sense.

Put another way, if Flower had been drafted 35th, and had done exactly the same things up till now, no one would even be mentioning the word "elite" or arguing about it, because the expectation that comes with the 1st pick, disappears. He is a good goalie who was picked earlier than he should've been by a rebuilding team who badly needed a new goalie. Simple as that.

3) I say he's still our #1 unless and until he gives the job away over the next several weeks. But I'm not above saying if Flower doesn't perform often enough, and Vokoun does, Vokoun should be our #1 going into the payoffs, period. He has to earn it every year, not just the Cup year.
Absolutely perfect post. Agreed 100% with all of it.

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