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02-07-2013, 11:23 AM
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Bluth Fantasy Live Draft

A message from Fuss, the Commissioner and creator of "The Bluth Company". Arguably the most active GM Connected League on HF Boards. We're currently 60 games into our 4th season, have completed 3 very successful offseasons and playoffs, we've dealt with free agency periods, trade deadlines, and our 2nd GM Connected All Star Game will be underway in the next few days. As far as i know, no other league on HF Boards can match these credentials. As a Commissioner, i know what i'm doing.The Bluth Company has turned into one of the better ran GM Leagues for NHL 13 and i owe it all the the GMs in my league. Without them, none of this would have been possible.


Bluth has had a lot of success and a lot of Bluth members have been interested in being in a 2nd GM League ran as well as Bluth. There's been an explosion of new leagues over the past few days/weeks so filling our 2nd league has been tougher than anticipated. Excluding Bluth, there are 7 other GM Leagues (XBOX) available right now. Most, if not all of them are not full, and none of them have accomplished as much as Bluth has. IMHO, its hard to get leagues full with such a limited amount of HF users. Even if every GM League is amazing, you'd still need 210 + people to facilitate all of these leagues.

Bluth members want a 2nd league to keep the fun going but that will only be possible if the league is full. I think in order to have a full league we need to offer something new, something that stands out, and something backed by the successful track record of The Bluth Company. A few Bluth GMs and myself have been kicking an idea of a GM League started by a Fantasy Draft and we'd love for as many of you to be a part of it as possible!

Bluth Company Fantasy Draft League

Basic Rules:

-10 Rounds of Drafting, any player/goalie/prospect is available
-NON-Random rosters will be used

How it Will Work:

-Using a random list generator, all 30 NHL teams will be randomly seeded and we will do a serpentine draft style (see Fantasy Football) for 10 rounds

-All 30 GMs will submit a "Draft Priority" list to the Commissioner of the league (TBD) for every round of the draft via PM

The PM will look something like this...

-After every round, the players selected will be posted on HF Boards to let other GMs know who is no longer available. GMs will then submit a new Draft Priority ...rinse and repeat for 10 rounds

-Any player/prospect NOT drafted, will remain on his current team

For those saying, "This will never work, there's too much detail required from too many people", i absolutely know where you're coming from. Too many leagues, even before NHL 13, started with big hopes and then crashed and burned due to inactivity.

Not THIS league. Its being backed by the people and Commissioner of the most active and successful GM League on HF Boards and it will not fail. Coordination is going to be difficult, but we are fully prepared to do it, and do it right.

If you're in this section of HF Boards, you love NHL 13 and GM Connected. On behalf of The Bluth Company, we want to offer all of you a different type of fun. A new, very detailed, spin on the traditional GM mode. As long as you're dedicated, you'll find that this is one of the more fun experiences you'll have on NHL 13.

Good luck to all those involved. Signup begins below and is on a first come, first serve basis.

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