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Originally Posted by Dr Gonzo View Post
Sent it to PJ. Stubbs is busy discussing his recent jubilee award for excellence in sports journalism
Stubbs is interviewing Ryan Whites mom over a light lunch.

Ethel, it's a pleasure to sit with you on this chilly yet sunny afternoon and many thanks for flying in to visit me at my journalistic headquarters, which does an excellent job in doubling in as my Old Montreal Hacienda when I'm not working on my next feature.

More wine with your cheese? As you can see in beautiful ''Mont-Royal'', we take our ''Joie de vivre'' quite seriously and I hope your palate is in paradise.

Now there's so much to cover here and I am tingling with excitement. I'd love to go back in time and relive with you all of Ryan's turning points, starting with his first hockey crush as a 7 year old boy or about the time when he had a school presentation at 9 years old saying he was going to play for the Bleu, Blanc and Rouge (that's Blue, white and red ''En Angalis'' )

But before we dive deep into the juicy details, Stubby Wubby wants to learn more about about the single mother who had to hold 3 jobs and all the sacrifices you endured to bring one of the finest grinders we have seen in our La Belle Province in years ...

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