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02-07-2013, 12:31 PM
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i have been a Fleury supporter for a while now.
I for one don't blame all past losses on him, the tampa series was NOT his fault.
Game 6 for example he was statiscally awful but really only goofed on 1 goal against and that was a minor goof.

That said, the unsettling thing for me are the times when the team just plays differently in front of him. If the defenders start doing too much it just compounds the problem and things go down hill fast. Keep an eye on that. Fleury lets a weak one in, look at how the team plays. Do they start trying to do too much?

Stats lie, game 6 against tampa, bad statistical outing, good game overall by fleury. Last game against the Isle, statistically a very good game. I thought fleury was flopping waaay to much in that game and technique was questionable at times. A prime example being the 2nd goal scored against. He was very aggressive, and way on top of his crease. He makes a save, but puts the rebound straight out in front of him (hello Marc use your stick to deflect those), doesn't recover very quickly and flops back trying to stop the wide open net goal.
Sure defense got caught a little flat footed, but really that was mainly on Fleury that was a horrible rebound and his lack of recognition/recovery after.

In short I'm more in the camp that I know Fleury is capable of stealing big games, but he is equally capable of losing winnable games. You really never know what you'll get anymore.
He MUST get a new goalie coach. His technique needs some refinement and the days of doing pushups and fancy spin moves in practice need to go. What would I do if I was the goalie coach?

1.) Use your damn stick to deflect pucks to the corner!!!! Fleury has super quick pads, but he gets such a wide butterfly that how many times do we see that rebound kicked out to a bad spot?

2.) Learn how to handle the puck. nuff said.

3.) Backside recoveries, not always a problem. But how many times do we see him get frozen, down in an aggressive location? That results in bad things if you D isn't clearing things out and combined with #1.

4.) Don't go down so damn quick. This is partly a style thing, but if fleury is making a high glove save and his knees are on the ground (not through a screen) you gotta wonder wtf.

5.) Overly aggressive, this actually is something he has toned down over the years. But he just has to be careful not to lapse back into this.

note: while i'm still playing as a goalie (badly), and coach some kids on the position, i won't say I'm the expert. but I probably have a better appreciation of the position then some.

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