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02-07-2013, 12:03 PM
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Thanks to this thread I'm narrowed down to the Vapor X5.0 or the Supreme One.7. I'm leaning towards the Supremes but haven't been able to try on the Vapor in my size because my local hockey store doesn't have much in stock. So, I have a couple questions...

First, the guys say they don't have much in stock because Bauer will be releasing new models in the spring, so should I wait a couple months until the current line is on sale?

Second, I'm coming from an old pair of Tacks that give me blisters on my inside heels caused from too much movement in the heel when I push off. Before the Tacks I had Grafs which never gave me any blisters, I assume because they had a deeper footbed. My main thing with this next pair of skates is that they fit well and don't cause any blisters, I'm sick of getting them every time I play. I want something that will feel like an extension of my leg, any advice (other than going back to Grafs)?

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