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Originally Posted by Soble View Post
I’ll pipe in, I’ve lived in both cities. Leaf fans asking “why does everyone hate us?” is a bit na´ve. Growing up in the Peg, in the 80s and 90s there was HUGE resentment/jealously toward anything Toronto. You’d turn on HNIC and it would be a Leafs game EVERY week. You’d tune into Sportscentre (SportsDesk at the time) and the lead story would be “Leafs third-line centre left practice due to a small finger injury. Oh ya and by the way there was a big showdown between the Jets and ____”. Admittedly TSN got much better at this through the years. TSN would show as many Leaf games as possible, every Leafs game was on TV in Toronto, while in Winnipeg we’d get 12-15 Jets games on TV per year, mixed between a couple HNIC, a couple TSN, and maybe 10 from the local station. Call it business, population, demand, whatever – it still annoyed fans of the Jets (and other Canadian teams) and made us feel like second class citizens.

I’ve remained a non-fan of Toronto teams/fans despite living here. We could go on about Leafs mis-management and their fans’ over-enthusiasm (except in the ACC’s lower bowl, which is like a morgue) but already been said. I am especially annoyed at Toronto’s unwillingness to support the CFL, but that is far off topic for this thread.

The return of the Jets is an awesome story, selling out 13,000 season tickets for 5 years in 5 minutes, with an 8,000 person full waiting list shortly after shows that the fans there are committed. The building is absolutely electric every night.

Buddy at work just did a survey of most annoying fans (3-2-1 voting, 41 voters spread out in Canada). No surprise:
1st Leafs 60pts
1st Habs 60pts
3rd Canucks 49pts
4th Flames 30pts
5th Senators 21pts
6th Oilers 13pts
7th Jets 9pts
8th Nordiques 4pts
(The Nordiques votes came from Montrealers, of course).

Just having some fun.
Those results seem to directly correlate with the relative size of the fanbases, so this isn't particularly surprising. If 1 in every 100 hockey fans (for example) is annoying, then most of the annoying fans will be annoying while cheering for popular teams.

I get your point, though. But, doesn't it feel strange having such a one-sided emotional rivalry?

(EDIT: Also, not trying to antagonize. I appreciate the honest comment and understand the source of the emotion towards the Leafs now (earlier I had no idea), just curious as to whether Jets fans are actually hopign for a rivalry, or if it is just a love-to-hate situation regardless)

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