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Originally Posted by Chandrashekhar Limit View Post
The best move forward (IMO) is to wait till the season is over before moving Bargs. Let him play some games to try and work up his value somewhat, while missing the playoffs and giving OKC our pick. Package Bargs with a 1st (2015) with the same condition as the Lowry pick and then see if anyone bites.

TRoss won't be moved. If he was an untouchable for Rudy Gay, he is most definitely not gonna be used to sweeten a deal for Bargs.

EDIT: I mean to say Bargs + 1st (2015) for a PWF.
That sounds good to me, but it scares me if Bargnani bottoms out this season, or even worse gets injured AGAIN and we get stuck with his cap hit going forward and are unable to move him. At least now if we move him, he might have some value based on potential. It's a high risk high reward if we keep him. He could increase his value and be packaged with a 1st round pick and get us exactly what we need, but I honestly don't have enough faith in Bargnani to get back to being the 20 point guy with Gay, Derozan and Lowry taking most of the shots. If he is only getting 6-8 shots from the bench, I can't see him increasing his value very much.

I also don't think Colangelo wants to have this Bargnani thing floating over the team for the rest of the year and going into next season. I also don't know if I can see him just cutting his loses and just sending him away for nothing. His job is on the line to have this team looking like a lock for next years playoffs. So if Bargnani doesn't increase his value, this problem will be floating over the team next year when BC is trying to re-make the image of the team. Bargnani has to go.

So he will have to package him with someone of value to get back anything of significance. Who on this team has trade value that can be packaged with him to bring back a quality player?

Rudy Gay
Demar Derozan
Jonas Valancuinas
Terrance Ross
Kyle Lowry
Amir Johnson

After that, there is not much. So out of those guys, who goes?

It is obviously not Rudy Gay (New face of Franchise) or Jonas Valancuinas (Waited for this guy, I doubt he gives him up yet).

I don't think it is Lowry (Ties to Gay, and Price paid for him) and Derozan (BC loves him, and teammates seem to as well).

So that basically leaves Amir Johnson or Terrance Ross as the most likely to be packaged with Bargnani. And I really don't think that BC Trades Amir Johnson. The guy is the heart of the team. So as much as I hate to say it, it might have to be Terrance Ross, or wait until the offseason and hope Bargnani increases his value somehow and be packed with future 1st round picks.

I just don't have enough faith in Bargnani to be able to increase his value. Do you?

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