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02-07-2013, 12:40 PM
Drouin alright
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So I was out on the town for the game last night, so I didn't get a chance to talk about the game. Here are some thoughts:

-Rask stole the game, he was lights out. Bruins and Habs both played great, but about 3 mins of us having defensive breakdowns cost us the game.

-It was neck and neck, and we shouldn't be thinking about changing our style, as some pointed out Markov had a bad game. I think he shot too much and didn't vary his attack plan enough. Started to force plays.

-As for Plekanec, yes he screwed up, but its the law of averages. One quality about him is he tends to hit the net alot, and him losing the puck is simply bad luck. Its bound to happen to everyone once in a while.

-I thought we really came on in the 3rd but like I said Rask had played great all night. DD should've finished a few times, and we were missing that final touch on a play, but sometimes you can't finish and its the way she goes. I would feel more frustrated if we couldn't even get chances, so it's a little easier to accept that we were passing well and got shots to the net and couldn't solve Rask.

-2-1 against a contending team isn't a terrible loss, and I think were lucky this game wasn't as physical or taxing as it could've been. I think we'll see a better result tonight.

-Prust and Eller need to swap at this point. Subban needs to go with Gorges. White in for Armstrong.

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