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Originally Posted by Psuhockey View Post
Funny, you argued that this team was a contender and only needed a#1 defensemen in another thread and should of sold a lot of youth to get Weber. So which is it?

So signing the best available UFA defensemen is prolonging the Flyers mediocrity? Last time I checked the Flyers aren't mediocre. 5 straight trips to the playoffs, 4 trips to the 2nd rd, 2 trips to the conference finals, 1 trip to the Stanley Cup finals.
I never argued that we should have sold a lot of youth to get Weber... NEVER. You might want to check on that and if you can find some proof, please send me a link. The only thing I argued was that the offer-sheet was a laughably bad move that prevented us the chance @ acquiring Weber. If we never sheeted him, I think he's playing on a 1 yr deal in NSH right now or potentially holding out and I think the Flyers could've traded for him at a bargain price (since he's a 1 yr rental), or would've had a shot at him as an unrestricted free agent.

As far as the Flyers being mediocre, they clearly are mediocre. The organization even believes their performance has been mediocre, as evidenced by the Richards and Carter trades. If the organization thought they were legitimate contenders back then, they wouldn't have pawned off two all-star forwards for futures. Holmgren decided to blow it up because he had 0 confidence in that roster winning anything. And since Homer made that trade, we are absolutely a mediocre team that's a mish-mosh of extreme youth and extremely old players. It's time to get rid of the old guys that are going to be gone in 1-2 years anyway and load up with guys who are in their prime and are hitting free agency for the first time, guys like Perry.

Maybe we'd be really bad for one year while we recover from the loss of Timonen, I'm willing to acknowledge that, but that 1 year hit would be worth it. You'd get a top draft pick and you'd be set up for a decade of success. Right now, all we've done by extending Timonen is shrinking our future cup window. We have no long-term plan for an elite #1 PMD. And rather than just admitting that and maybe taking a short-term hit next season so that we might be able to get one in the draft, Holmgren decided to extend Timonen and pray that something just materializes out of thin air and that a PMD just falls in his lap.

I hate this philosophy of team-building.

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