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02-07-2013, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Bank View Post
With the Danes not being discussed very much until now perhaps people is still a bit sensitive about a favorite player being picked at, so people start reading to much into things...

Should this thread continue hopefully the respect will grow and ideas will be meet with more composed serious answers.
Agreed, but my little Regin comment was in know way sensitivity towards him being picked at, I was merely commenting that I would never understand why fans would bully their own players?

I would never dirty talk a Nuck player like that, Regin is not on my team. So im not really sensitive to his situation, As I do think he has been bad. I was just commenting contextualy to the thread on the Sens board and the OP's purpose of the thread being kinda run of track.

And the I get attacked..

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