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Originally Posted by deeman View Post
Great thread. Can you please help clarify the action of hitting the puck with your stick as the is "in flight" At what point is it off limits to swat down - waist high?

Also, two observations. First, things do seem to go much better when we crack a joke with the ref early on. It turns the tables from being good guys vs bad guys to “a bunch of guys getting out of the house and getting exercise”. Some refs made some funny crack at our guys and the opposing team when they are camped out on the blue line. Make it’s a much more personable time.

Second observation , I have no clue how you guys can keep track of assists. I guess reff’ing is not for the ADD crowd since I would be wondering about things like my weekend plans, when I plan to get my oil changed, ect and would be freaked out when a goal was scored since I was spaced out.

My last team would even skate over to the reffs at the end of the game and tell them they did a good job. Granted we won most of our games and were in good spirits, but I still though it was pretty classy.
USA Hockey rule is shoulder height, not the cross bar as it is in the NHL. One note on this that not many people's not where the puck is when it's potentially hit with a high stick, it's where the stick is at the time. To quote the rule book: "When any part of the stick is carried above the shoulders, the entire stick is considered to be high".

Making jokes with me while I ref definitely makes the games more fun, but it won't change my calls in the game.

At least half the time a goal is scored, I ask the players or coaches for assist numbers. Especially teams without numbers on their shoulders, which is real annoying. (I'm talking league games here, not adult games.) I really hate when players just say their numbers to get an asssit...which also takes it away from a team mate that actually got the assist.

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