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02-07-2013, 01:11 PM
Mac DeMarco
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Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
Ok, so we are claiming that we can't play Johansen because the other guys are two way players? Err, not the same offensive skill? Garbage goal scorers?

So what we need is Rick Nash?

I guess we are sending him down so he can play with JAM? I'm so confused....
I am claiming that Johansen knows where to put the puck for guys who know where to be. The guys on this team don't have the same offensive instincts he does, i.e. they don't read the game the same way he does, and don't put themselves in the spots best to capitalize off of Johansen's instincts. He has, at least in my opinion, by far the highest hockey IQ offensively on this team, and needs smarter players around him. EDIT: Until that happens, why keep him here? Let him dominate another level besides the Junior ranks. He hasn't exactly been king of the AHL. Let him do that and let him be ready to take the next step next year with better players hopefully.

I've seen him make beautiful plays that go unfinished, and ultimately, unnoticed, because of this fact (re: not having players with adequate hockey IQ EDIT: Cam Atkinson comes to mind when I think of the type of player that knows where to be, the type of player Joey needs next to him, which I understand has been the case, I'm merely making a point of it). This is why I stated earlier that he's not a guy you're going to notice until the puck is in the back of the net, but the puck isn't getting into the back of the net because his teammates are not playing off of him well, because they aren't on the same page mentally. It's a vicious cycle.

Rick Nash would have been a great linemate for Joey, and the handful of times the two played together last year I thought Joey did the right things, and thought that with time the two could develop chemistry.

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