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Originally Posted by Fire Lindy View Post
I really have no problem with people using steroids, but they are against the rules so the players need to abide by the rules or else they are cheating and should be punished, simple as that. In my opinion, players using PEDs means for better and more entertaining baseball which is a good thing. The only negative is that players who wouldn't want to take PEDs due to side effects or other reasons would have a disadvantage if they were legal.

Don't tell me the days of Bonds,Sosa,McGuire etc wasn't great fun
I don't know many fans that could give a crap much like the team itself they just want their team to win.

Teams knew guys were using over the last 15 years ( heck almost every all star has appeared in one report or the other) they just didn't and i feel still don't care.

If it wasn't for the over the top media outrage and the government ( who seem to have had nothing better to do like playing attention to wall street) getting involved they still would have little to no system in place to fight it.

The MLB like all sports and companies is about making money and the ends will always justify the means as long as they can get away with it.

Also as others have said taking PED's does not make you an all star ball player.

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