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02-07-2013, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Burmistrov08 View Post
I am not sure how you can say all of this... Smith was the one who drafted Tkachuk/Zhamnov/Khabibulin who were the core of our team from a prospect standpoint.

He made better draft choices overall than Ferguson and the player selected after the Jets didnt have the careers as the player selected after Ferguson did.

And please explain to me the eye for talent that Ferguson had with the Jets?

Hawerchuk was the consensus #1 pick so he is automatically eliminated.
So was Daigle yet he didn't pan out. Using your logic on Stewart it would have been a bad pick. How can a consenus pick turning out not garner any credit but a consensus pick not panning out be a bad pick?

So ferggie screwed up taking stewart who was ranked 12th overall at 18th, but he gets no credit for taking Hawerchuck cause he was the consensus?

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