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12-16-2003, 05:55 PM
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Even Steen himself has said he will continue to play and develop in the SEL until he is ready for the NHL...

Ya, and the Leafs can change that. You've never been able to give me one negative to him coming to the AHL. What would be bad? Playing with future teammates? Playing the NA style and on the NA rink? Living away from home a year before he "has" too? Or the fact that it would mean the Leafs could use him if the lockout ends half-way into the season? Which one of those outcomes is the negative one?

If its Kondratievs choice to play at home...Why not Steen's???

He has it in his contract, the Leafs may not (and I don't think they will because they'd want to use him if half a season is played) give him the same clause. Tellqvist doesn't have that clause.

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