Thread: Islanders Point Blank: Crosby Says "Fans Didn't Show Much Class"
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02-07-2013, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by scott99 View Post
I have to agree with Sid on this one. I never like seeing anyone get injured, especially the best players in the game. Do I like Sid's whining on the ice, no,, I hate it, I didn't like when Gretzky did it as well. But do I wanna see Sid get injured just cause he whines ? Hell no. I love the way Sid plays the game, great skater, great shot, amazing passer, just an amazing player. To play in this era, a truly defensive era, and still be 5th all time in points per game average is truly an amazing feat Gretzky, Lemiueux, Orr & Bossy are 1-4 ppg average, with Gretzky, Lemiuex & Bossy playing in the wide open offensive era. I truly admire Crosby and I'd be thrilled to have him on the Isles.

Now if it were a jerk like Sean Avery, or a guy like Chris Simon, I could understand the fans cheering.
Originally Posted by Dan-o16 View Post
So, if I'm going to understand the discussion here, New York fans should be no better than Pittsburgh fans...

So I guess we should be happy if we're marginally classier than, what, Flyers fans? Well we should pat ourselves on the back, because that's exactly what we are.


Just quoting these two posts to agree with every word typed in them, and then quietly leaving this thread before it inevitably turns to **** and gets locked.

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