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02-07-2013, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Quo View Post
That's basically it on a good day. We've got a pretty unique breed up here. Dude comes to class drunk today and has to write two simple pieces of copy for a standard five minute broadcast. Can't put a paragraph together to save his life so I have to rewrite the whole ****ing thing for him from scratch on a tight deadline which culminates in a complete cluster**** of a broadcast. These people will be the death of me.
I really hope you get your professor involved if you haven't already. All communication to your team members should be documented (email) and cc your professor if there's something his eyes need to view. If it comes down to a grade you need documentation showing that you did your job and should not be held at fault for your teammate.

It's kind of like at the company where I work - only way to get anything done is to go over people's heads and engage their supervisors.

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