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Originally Posted by PSGJ View Post
Is Vancouver an option as a temporary home for a Seattle team while the arena is being built?

I've read a study, linked to on this forum, that suggests that Vancouver could actually support a second team. With Nucks ticks so hard to get and expansive there's got to be some support. Rogers arena only has one permanent tenant so dates shouldn't be a problem.

In the weekends the Seattelites (Seattlians? What are they called?) could take a day trip up to Vancouver the check out their future team.
It would probably significantly hurt the new Seattle team financially (worse than staying in Glendale). When the Hurricanes first moved to Carolina they played in Greensboro, 80 miles away from their current home in Ralagh, and drew flies - but at least they were still both in North Carolina. Off the top of my head that's the furthest distance that an NHL team has spent between a temporary home and perminant home without it being considered an outright relocation.

The question is why Vancouverites would support a team that is supposed to be a rival to the Canucks and would only be around for a couple seasons? People in the Lower Mainland love their hockey, but I highly doubt they would support a lame duck franchise on loan from another market. Vancouver is 141 miles from Seattle and in another country, so probably the only Seattle hockey fans would be the relative few ones that go up to see the Canucks right now. A comparable in terms of distance would be if the Ottawa Senators had to play their games 125 miles away in Montreal when they first rejoined the league. Saying that, the NHL and the Canucks would probably not allow it.

Portland would probably be worse. It's in the same country, but it's 174 miles from Seattle. Considering the potential rivalry and distance between the two cities, it would be similar to the Flames having to play their games 185 miles to the north in Edmonton for a couple years.

If Key Arena was an absolute no-go, it would make the Tacoma Dome (34 miles) seem like a good alternative; however people have talked about the distance and traffic.

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