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02-07-2013, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
A few points to be compact:

- As a boot gets worn in more and more, it gets softer and less supportive
- Yes, ideally, you could bake the CCM skates before deciding to buy. The U Foam is very heat-reactive. Lucky that you have him there to do it for you, many places won't.
- The 9.5 size in the APXs should be the sensation you're looking for. Remember that after baking/break in, your foot should sit back further still
- Without seeing your foot in the boot, I can't tell how severe the depth problem is, use your best judgement on this one. I would recommend keeping them on in the store for a bit and get some good movement/ forward bend as you walk around. Depth has a tricky relationship with lace bite... it's direct for some people but irrelevant for others
- Your concern about stiffness is definitely valid. You haven't skated in a stiff boot for a while (or ever?), so it would be a huge adjustment. You don't need an APX, so why not consider something like 5.0 or 6.0? They are substantially stiff as well. However, they will fit slightly differently than the APX
-Have you tried Supreme?
-No stock footbed is decent in terms of support. The one in the RS has different 'arch height' inserts, but that's more on the gimmicky side rather than functional
How would the addition of Superfeet change the volume of the skate? I'm probably going to go back in today and try them, along with a couple other pairs on. I failed the pencil test in the APX, but it wasn't terrible, it was more than a graze though. Haven't tried the Supremes yet, but those are next on my list.

My RBK's used to be fairly stiff. They were a mid high end skate when I got them I think. One level above mid. There's no more energy in the skate. No more explosiveness at all and it seems to have really gotten bad the past couple months.

I really appreciate your input man, thank you.

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