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02-07-2013, 02:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Bjindaho View Post
People are saying that you lost Strait for nothing which looks worse because Lovejoy was traded (presumably implying that they think you could have gotten a 5th rounder or better from Strait). In reality, NYI was claiming whichever of the two didn't make it and the other was still probably only worth a 5th (IMO, this is just ******** asset management from the worst GM in the league, Bob, the garbage GM).
Bjindaho, I would've had no problem with NYI claiming Lovejoy. He's a fully developed 28 year old who stunk last year and doesn't provide a skillset we need even when he's playing well. Strait's 24, acquitted himself well last year, and provided a skillset we could use.

What Strait would've yielded in a trade is totally beside the point. I wouldn't want to trade him, and the roster limit hasn't forced us to trade anyone worthwhile yet. We dealt Lovejoy because he sucked as much this year as he did last.

We waived a good young defenseman when we didn't have to in order to retain a cruddy veteran who we traded for a 5th a couple weeks later. That's my problem.

Originally Posted by Shady Machine View Post
Seriously? Reese isn't much worse if at all than Lovejoy. They are comparable players. Plus, from all accounts, Dumoulin is knocking on the door and if Eaton is signed, assuming he isn't totally done, he is better than Lovejoy.
The issue isn't whether Reese is worse than Lovejoy, it's that the organization identified Lovejoy as more valuable than Strait...then gave up on him a couple weeks later. Whatever my misgivings about waiving Strait, I thought maybe the Pens saw things in Lovejoy the rest of us didn't. Turns out they considered him about as valuable as Reese.

1.) They aren't ready to make a decision on Jeffrey, Tangradi, or Boychuk and will need an open roster spot when Nisky returns.
That decision did not need to be made yet.

2.) They feel confident in Reese as a Lovejoy replacement and Dumoulin as a call up. Also may sign Eaton.
So, according to the Pens org...Reese=Lovejoy>Strait.

That's what bothers me.

Originally Posted by mrzeigler View Post
It's safe to assume every Penguins fan and everyone in the organization would have preferred to get something in return for Strait. There are two possible reasons why they didn't:

1. Shero didn't try to work out a trade for Strait or Lovejoy during the abbreviated training camp — which, to quote Vizzini, is inconceivable — or ...

2. Shero did try to work out a trade for one of these guys and couldn't find any takers.

You can't force a team to give you something for a player ... esp. when all of those teams should have management shrewd enough to realize the Pens would have to waive one of its Dmen sooner or later.

Presumably, Shero thought Lovejoy was the more valuable — either as far as possible on-ice contribution, if necessary, or the more likely or the two to be able to be traded later in the season. It's reasonable to expect that there might have been interest for either of these Dmen but that the time wasn't right for other GMs to make a deal (they might first want to see how their D corps performs in the first couple of weeks, or perhaps they wanted to see which players become available at no cost via waivers) and that Shero, based on conversations he had with other teams, was more likely to fetch a return.

Now, if you want to complain that Despres shouldn't have been here to begin with, his quality of play puts that argument to rest. And it was clear — because after management said Despres wouldn't be at training camp, it reversed itself and he was there — that the coaching staff impressed upon management that they wanted Despres on the team this year.

Once you accept that HCDB convinced Shero of the importance of having Despres in Pittsburgh this season, how this played out appears to have been pretty inevitable.
I didn't want Despres sent down, or Strait traded. I wanted both on the Pens roster, and there's no reason why that couldn't be the case right now.

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