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Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
Are those not talents? That was kind of my point.

This doesn't make sense. You say some players have things other players don't have. Then you list two things that Yakupov has that Galchenyuk...also has, albeit not to the same extent. You then conclude that Yakupov is more talented, even though in this post you contend that Galchenyuk has things Yakupov does not.

That was the point of my post: you can't just say "sniping, skating, therefore more talented." You have to consider the sum of their abilities and what truth it bears out about their underlying talent.

Don't talk to me about context, when regardless of the context, your logic fails, and this failure to apply logic was the premise of my post. That demonstrates a lack of contextual recognition on your part, not mine, and now you're being a little **** about it.

This is like when people see a study that says something they don't like, they automatically say "sample size isn't big enough, this says nothing." But they never say why the sample size wasn't big enough, or what it wasn't big enough to say. They never say what sample size would be sufficient. Saying context is similar this way. It's a recognizable argumentative archetype which generally, gets someone off the hook. It's not a panacea cure-all for the stupid in your argument though, when your interlocutor is intelligent enough to recognize its emptiness. You're out of luck.
I think it's pretty clear what he's saying and you're the one taking it out of context. Comparing Glachenyuk and Yakupov, in terms of raw skill, Chucky is 'lacking' in some areas (like comparing a rookie Crosby with a rookie Ovechkin). In terms of raw talent, Yakupov is a step ahead of Galchenyuk at this point.

What Galchenyuk has the Yakupov doesn't have, however, is better vision of the ice and of the game and the ability to better control the game. These aren't talents you generally develop. These are things you have or you don't have.

This is why Yakupov might be the better player at this very moment but is why many of us think that Galchenyuk will have a better career.

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