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Originally Posted by rey72335 View Post
I went to the game last night against Rimouski, and Drouin was easily our best forward on the ice. He was always in position, including going to the front of the net to tuck it in for his 2nd of the game.. He made some fancy plays, but nothing that coughed up the puck.. He was able to play the body a few times in the corner, and when it was him getting hit he was back up in a split-second and instantly back in the play.. When the game went to a shootout, he was so clutch.. if he had missed, they could have won on the next shot. Him and Weegar were truly the deciding factors of the game.

Then we get to MacKinnon.. He seemed so disorganized during the game, always wanting to be "the guy".. His speed was sensational, and he wasn't afraid to muck it up in the corner.. but when it came to having the puck.. he was flat. I was truly disappointed with him, which lately, I find myself feeling more and more. He managed to score, but it was really a fluke.. he fell, made a desperation shot that went in off the Rimouski players skate. When it came time for the shootout, he was first up and missed. He tried to be fancy and just lost track of his shot. In a game as big as this was, the 1st and 2nd ranked teams against each other.. You basically expect your star player to bring his A-game.. and he really didn't.
Originally Posted by Breakfast of Champs View Post
Agree 100% with whats in bold. His speed was his only real bright spot, and even that disappears for games at a time now.

His puck control has consistently gotten worse, and it could be a combination of confidence and trying to over handle to puck IMO. It seems like he tries to stick-handle really hard on the puck if that makes sense.

As for him being a general disappointment, I agree that its becoming a trend. He seems to have lost his drive and is now on cruise control. Hopefully its because his team is so good he doesn't need to be amazing every game like he was last season, and that he will turn it back on again in the playoffs.

As for Drouin #1, it is surely a possibility at this rate if MacKinnon continues to play like this in the playoffs and Drouin outshines him on the way to a memorial cup birth.
I'm glad I'm not the only one. Drouin seems driven and goal oreinted while MacKinnon seems coasting and content with where he is at the moment. MacKinnon needs to simplify his game and go back to the basics. Drouin on the other hand can just keep playing like he has.

I'm excited for Saturday's game. It would be nice to see MacKinnon have a big game against a rival to get the ball rolling again.

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